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DFE 80T 18kW Electric Heater


The DFE 80T is a highly versatile rugged 18kW portable electric blower heater has manual selector switches that provide three heat settings and a fan only setting for summer ventilation. An integral thermostat provides automatic control at all three heat settings. Safety overheat protectors are fitted on each bank of elements. Longer lengths of air ducting can be fitted to these electric heaters and double skin construction ensures that these heaters have a low temperature outer skin.

Available to Buy for £689.00 + VAT (£826.80 Inc VAT)

Delivery is extra and will be charged at cost price

Available to Hire from £75.00 + VAT per week

Delivery is extra and will be charged at cost price

DFE.80T Dryfast Electric Heater Specifications

Heating Electrical Supply Air flow Dimensions Weight
kW Vollage Amps Watts cuM/hr Width mm Length mm Height mm kgs
9/18 400 23 15250 1000 530 980 470 26.5