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fast, reliable portable heating

When you need fast, reliable portable heating, the Cooling and Heating Solutions’ range of all electric blower heaters fit the bill. Lightweight, portable and efficient, the Cooling and Heating Solutions’ range of all electric heaters comprises the DFE.20T, DFE.40T, DFE.80T, DFE.25, DFE65, DFE95 and the EMT9 & 15.

The radial fan in these electric heaters produces good air pressure at very low noise level. An integral heater thermostat is a standard feature, as is a fan only selector for summer ventilation.

Compare electric blower heater specifications. Do you have any questions about our electric heater range? Get in contact with our friendly customer service team if you have any questions.

See products below for prices and description.

Enquire about the variety of Heating Systems we have, from permanent office units to event hire.

Select one of the heaters below for more information!