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Temperature Control Specialists

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01590 681434

Cooling and Heating Solutions Ltd. have been involved in the Temperature Control business for 40+ years and the company itself has been trading for 25 years. It remains a “family run” business with a traditional attitude towards professionalism and five star, fast and friendly service…

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无码被窝影院午夜看片爽爽_窝窝午夜一级看片中文_免费人成网站线观看含羞We can supply a Temporary Heating or Air Conditioning solution for almost any event!

Enjoy the largest selection of Portable and Temporary Heating or Air Conditioning systems in the UK

Why purchase when you can hire more efficiently? Enquire today about our commercial hire options

无码被窝影院午夜看片爽爽_窝窝午夜一级看片中文_免费人成网站线观看含羞Our friendly team are always happy to help! Get in touch today to see what we can do for you

无码被窝影院午夜看片爽爽_窝窝午夜一级看片中文_免费人成网站线观看含羞Stylish installed and portable units with a wide range of models and controls for each room

When you need fast, reliable portable heating, the CHS range of all electric heaters fit the bill

Our modern range of Indirect Fired Oil Heaters are PERFECT for heating your marquee or temporary structure.

无码被窝影院午夜看片爽爽_窝窝午夜一级看片中文_免费人成网站线观看含羞Range of Skid Mounted, Cast Iron, Diesel Fired, Portable Hot Water Boilers that provide a Central Heating System

We specialise in supplying modular Heat Pump Chillers, ideal for temporary heating or air conditioning applications

We are one of the few companies who stock Hydronic Fan Coils. A more stylish approach to temporary applications

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We stock a great range of Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Dehumidifiers

View some of our previous events and a few examples of our temporary and permanent systems

Don’t take our word for it! See what our valued customers say about our products and services

We love weddings. Get in touch with the team to see how we can help with your special day!

Not only do we Install a wide range of Heating & Cooling Systems, we also provide Service & Maintenance too!

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Portable Air Conditioners & Spot Coolers

air con

Available to hire from £54 + VAT per week
无码被窝影院午夜看片爽爽_窝窝午夜一级看片中文_免费人成网站线观看含羞 Available to buy from £935 + VAT

Fan Coil &

fan coils

Available to hire from £275 + VAT per week
Available to buy



Available to hire from £7 + VAT per week
无码被窝影院午夜看片爽爽_窝窝午夜一级看片中文_免费人成网站线观看含羞 Available to buy from £186 + VAT